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"Beth is always there for us when we need her!"
—Michael, Pennsylvania

"Best Course I have ever taken and I have been in the Floor Covering Industry for years!"
—Joe, California

"I just wanted to congratulate you and Joe for another great 3 days of not just training but also on the way these courses are put forward. Wonderful dialogue with others in our business. Friendships made with a bunch of very like minded individuals. And learning so much from everyone in attendance. Joe also is very open to learning from all of us as everyone has different backgrounds and experiences. Not one of us is as smart as all of us together. Great class."
—Bert, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time last week, and I learned so much. Thank you for putting together such an amazing program. I look forward to seeing you guys in September for the carpet class!"
—Robert, California

"WOW. Wish I had come to your classes first before spending money with other organizations! I learned so much and really appreciate how you run your courses with the face to face and hands on learning as well as the hard copies and wonderful manual you provide which makes a valuable resource tool to have! I will definitely be back for more classes and to get certified with FCITS! It seems this is where the support is from the manufacturers and flooring dealers. I can't say enough about the experience. Money well spent."
—Nick, California

"Best class I've ever taken!! I didn't know what I didn't know until attending your awesome Hard Surface class! I will definitely be back for more."
—Chris, Georgia

"So glad I came to the Hard Surface class! I learned so much and I'm going to send my whole crew back for your training!! Well worth every dime spent to attend!"
—Chip, Florida

"Thank you for the encouraging message. I recently was asked to travel five hours one way to do an inspection in a suburb of Minneapolis. I told them there were inspectors within 20 minutes of the job. It was a smaller residential carpet inspection. They said to charge what I needed, but they wanted me to go as I was FCITS certified. I felt really good about that. It's the teaching you and Joe do that has helped improve my inspections."
—Curt , Minneapolis

"I wanted to tell you thank you for running such a great program. I had a mill send me an inspection that was over three hours away because I was the closest FCITS inspector, not the closest inspector. The mills really see the value in your program. I am glad I chose to be apart of it. Thanks again."
—Jerome, Utah

"Thank you both for such a great week! Each day I grew in my respect for your organization, training, professionalism and love for our industry coupled with a drive to improve this crucial area of our industry. Beth, I just cannot comprehend how you run such a vast top quality business!, I cannot sing the praises enough for both you personally and FCITS. I count it a huge privilege to be certified under your credentials and become a part of your family. Joe, you are a gifted instructor and master educator. Thank you for seeing the need and putting in the countless hours to develop such an outstanding curriculum. I appreciate your hands on vast field experience. It is always refreshing to sit under the tutelage of someone with both depth of knowledge and experience. Thank you both for a wonderful week and experience."
—HHarms —Shaw Territory Manager, Utah

"Thanks again for all of your hard work and efforts in putting on this course. I really enjoyed being part of it and got a lot out of it. Thanks for that."
—Tim, Canada

"I wanted to drop a line to thank you for helping me use my prior flooring industry skills to open a new chapter in my flooring life. The knowledge and support you have shared are top-shelf all the way! Even with changing times, I prefer to attend, in-person training. You can't see and feel the heart and passion that you both share with your students online...but, I understand and everyone is different. Between working with your website design team and my listing on your FCITS Inspectors website has brought real busine$$ to our company in a short span of time. A great investment of time, money, and future support from this graduate. See you at Commercial Class in June!"
—James, Pennsylvania

"Awesome Class!! Thank you and Joe for all the knowledge it has changed my family’s lives forever."
—Eric, Michigan

"Well done with the class! You guys have really made the experience with FCITS very special! Thanks for the opportunities!"
—Kevin, Wisconson

"I am so impressed with all that you and Joe have done for FCITS and continuing to do! The Advanced Resilient course has been well worth the time and money to attend! I feel I have really gotten something for my money!! I will gladly continue paying my dues and attending classes in the future. Thank you for all you are doing for us and FCITS."
—S. Furey, Kansas

"Hi Beth, thanks to you and Joe for putting together another useful week of instruction and information that I will be able to use to better serve our industry. Joe's a great instructor. I'm looking forward to the next one I can attend."
—Marty, Salt Lake City, UT

"Thank You Beth. You and Joe do an awesome job on these classes. Joe is one of the best Instructors I have had the opportunity to work with. As you know, I have been to, as well as sponsored hundreds of seminars in the cleaning industry, and Joe is right up at the top of the instructors I have used, or attended. You made a great choice with him. Will be seeing you both again soon."
—Dan, Tennessee

"Just a note to thank you for a really great learning experience. You can be in this business 48 years and still learn something new every day. I like Joe’s enthusiasm as our main teacher, and who couldn’t enjoy the Bruce Gentry Stories. I truly enjoyed it all, and your southern hospitality. I will be back for more as soon as time, money, and scheduling allows."
—Dave, California

"I wanted to reach out to send both you and Joe a huge thank you for this last week. The experience and professionalism was elite, with all the teaching and all the experts. Also helping me and my family during our relocation process and building that bridge with all the connections and positive comments and professionalism. Dalton should be grateful to have such a great inspection class team. Thanks for letting me be part of the family and your continued support. See you in a few weeks."
—Kenneth, San Diego, CA

"As I was working on a report this morning, on the FCITS report writing site, it became clear to me how I have become to rely on this site. So, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you and Joe do for us. I don't think we, as inspectors and as adults tell you enough."
—Mike, Florida

"I just want to say thanks. I am getting praise for your hard work. The response I get with my inspections start with how amazing the report looks and how It flows so nicely to the conclusion. It is very easy for me to be honest, I just input facts and data outlined by what you have created on your report document."
—Ronny, Manitoba, Canada

"I am excited to be coming to the moisture class the day before and attending the Expo. It's always a pleasure to see you and Joe and all the effort and work that you put into promoting FCITS as a top notch group of Inspectors."
—Levante, IL

"I just want to thank you and Joe for this great class and week you have provided us! I have attended many classes over the years and none compare to the knowledge gained this week in the Carpet Inspector's class. I will definitely be back for more classes."
—Brandon, OK

"It was nice seeing both of you in California. I must tell both of you; the class was the very best I have attended and truly appreciated the hard work that went into it. The FCITS Training manual received at the class is now my Resilient Bible!"
—Vince, AZ

"I learned a lot from Joe at the Advancesd Resilient course. It has definitely tuned up my report writing skills. The book I was given has good reference to ensure all details are included. I just finished a report from an inspection I did Thursday and I feel it is definitely more accurate and worthy of submission."
Thanks again. Nick —CA

"The Advanced Resilient class was great!!! The curriculum is exactly what we all needed to enhance our education and training. The class presentation was very professional. Also, I enjoyed the input from Shaw's Claim Managers and Technical Representative that went over installation issues.

You (Beth) and Joe are exactly what FCITS needed to prosper. A very good business owner and instructor that can relate to other Inspectors while training them at the same time.

I wish you had purchased FCITS many years ago. It's obvious to me that you are doing all you can to promote FCITS Inspectors."
—LeVante, IL

"There was so much info packed into this class... very educational! Joe is a great teacher and Beth is a great host! I recommend whether you are an Inspector or an Installer or a Sales Rep for a manufacturer like me, you need to take these classes... it will only help you further your career!"
—Al, Traxx Corporation

"I have attended the last 3 courses FCITS has held and have registered for the next 3 as well as the annual Expo. I have been in the industry for over 40 years and thought I knew all there was to know. I have learned during these FCITS courses that I wish I had taken them a long time ago not just for the Inspections aspect but to run my retail business in general."
—Rick, Chicago, IL

"You run an unbelievable 1st class company. I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the Carpet class last week. I think I talked my boss's ear off today telling him the awesome experience I had. Thanks again."
—Bill, Boston, MA

"Thank you for a great seminar. FCITS has really stepped up it's game, with the high quality of instructors you are using, and the content of the presentations. I fully plan on attending more of these, as I get time, to keep expanding my education on the inspection industry."
—Dan, TN

"The FCITS report form is the best form we have ever used for inspections, by a long shot! All the information is right on the form without having to toggle back and forth on different pages and the photos are super fast and easy to upload. It is concise and does not waste time with redundancy. We have gotten great feed back from claims managers! Thank You FCITS."
—Dan and Holly, Mesa, AZ

—Tanya, Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for having me at the course in Vegas last week! Excellent attendance which shows a lot for your organization. I really like the reporting system. What a great tool for inspectors and way to move ahead in the industry."
—Reid, Canada

"It's a rare occasion that I meet someone that loves what they do the way you love what you do, and it shows. I appreciate you and Joe putting on what was hands down the BEST training class I have ever attended. I have been in so many training classes over the years over so many different subject but yours is incredible. Thank you so much and I will be returning in April for the hard surface class so please mark me down."
—Nathan, MO

"Joe & Beth,
On behalf of my dad and I, I would like to extend out thanks for putting on another informative class. We greatly enjoy coming to school and being able to learn from others who enjoy what they do and are knowledgeable in their field. We look forward to attending class again in July and attending the Expo."
—Gary & Nick, IL

"I'm loving the report writing program!!"
—Chance H, ID

"I used the report writing feature for the first time this morning. I cannot put in words about how impressed I am. I had to learn the process for putting the pictures in the report and of course using the report writing process itself. It was still quicker and easier than any other site I have ever used!!!
I also recently attended the FCITS Las Vegas class, this was the best class I have attended in years and just their curriculum was well worth the money! 
Thanks for all you do."
—Mike Burgener, FL

"Thank you Joe and Beth for putting together a great curriculum for this hard surface inspection class. I am happy to have passed my exam on the first try and am now gearing up to get back into inspection business!"
—Jeff, MD

"Thank you to Beth and Joe and all involved (Shaw, Mohawk and other Manufacturers present) on this amazing training,  Advanced Resilient Course. The Best."
—Jose Lopez, VA

"Beth, I just want to thank you for the opportunity to speak at the FCITS meeting on Thursday. I personally thought that the mock up displays with the failure scenario’s was brilliant. Again thanks to you and your organization."
—Sam Biondo-Mapei

"I attend a lot of classes and this three-day Advanced Resilient course has most definitely been one of the best attended. Well worth the money spent and very informative."
—Roger Stratford, CA

"I have attended and obtained many certifications and this Hard Surface Course has by far been one of the best instructed, updated and thorough materials as well as hands on. Everything needed to get certified as an Independent Inspector!"
—Tony Dominguez

"So glad I have done my homework and researched the different Inspector courses to take. This five-day Hard Surface Course has been so thorough with quality materials and hands on demonstrations as well as intense Report Writing skills taught. So glad I attended the FCITS Hard Surface Inspector Course and will be returning for the Carpet Course."
—Jeff, MD

"Day 4 of FCITS training for flooring inspector designation. Our lead trainer Joe Denman is a fantastic teacher and inspector. A huge thanks to Beth Brown from FCITS for providing such amazing training and to Chris Maskell CAE for giving us in the flooring trade access to so many avenues to further our knowledge and expertise."
—Ronnie Peters, Ontario, Canada
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