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FCITS Testimonials

"Thank you Joe and Beth for putting together a great curriculum for this hard surface inspection class. I am happy to have passed my exam on the first try and am now gearing up to get back into inspection business!"
- Jeff, MD

"Thank you to Beth and Joe and all involved (Shaw, Mohawk and other Manufacturers present) on this amazing training,  Advanced Resilient Course. The Best."
- Jose Lopez, VA

"Beth, I just want to thank you for the opportunity to speak at the FCITS meeting on Thursday. I personally thought that the mock up displays with the failure scenario’s was brilliant. Again thanks to you and your organization."
- Sam Biondo-Mapei

"I attend a lot of classes and this three-day Advanced Resilient course has most definitely been one of the best attended. Well worth the money spent and very informative."
- Roger Stratford, CA

"I have attended and obtained many certifications and this Hard Surface Course has by far been one of the best instructed, updated and thorough materials as well as hands on. Everything needed to get certified as an Independent Inspector!"
- Tony Dominguez

"So glad I have done my homework and researched the different Inspector courses to take. This five-day Hard Surface Course has been so thorough with quality materials and hands on demonstrations as well as intense Report Writing skills taught. So glad I attended the FCITS Hard Surface Inspector Course and will be returning for the Carpet Course."
- Jeff, MD

"Day 4 of FCITS training for flooring inspector designation. Our lead trainer Joe Denman is a fantastic teacher and inspector. A huge thanks to Beth Brown from FCITS for providing such amazing training and to Chris Maskell CAE for giving us in the flooring trade access to so many avenues to further our knowledge and expertise."
- Ronnie Peters, Ontario, Canada
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