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Azostix's, Test for Urine $42.00
Bone Scraper $6.00
Calcium Chloride Test Kit (3 pack kit) $27.00
+ $5.00 drop ship fee
Citric Acid (for yellowing) $6.00
CRI-Field Evaluation Scales $120.00
Duckbill Napping Shears $18.00


Fast Cap Flatback Tape Measure $15.00
Hemostats (use for tuft bind) $12.00
pH Strips $20.00
Pipets (24 count) $6.00
Tramex Flooring Master Kit (CMEX5, ME5, HIPP3, RHIE2-B, HH14TP30-B, HA21SP52-B, IRT2, SAL75, HI-ACC, E5-HBS, DL-RHTX, MAXMASTER, HOLE LINERS) $1,899.00



Carpeting Basics $19.95
Carpet Defects & Glossary $19.95


Diagnostic and Techniques of Carpets $24.95
Case Studies for Carpet Inspectors $24.95
The Id of Carpet Faults $24.95